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Get fit for free

BBC Countryfile magazine


To tie in with the New Year and the collective resolution to get fit, I wrote a piece that celebrated the joy of outdoor activity. I shortlisted around eight activities, ranging from walking to gardening, tapping into experts in each field to offer reasons why their activity not only improves fitness but is also fun. The piece was beautifully illustrated by the talented team.


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Other features written for BBC Countryfile magazine include:


> Biking into fitness – piece to tie in with the Tour de France, which involved my wife and I cycling from Exmouth to Turf Locks, and relaying the journey to the Countryfile readers.

> Reasons to den-build. Visited the Forest of Dean with my daughter to see how we coped with building shelter from Mother Nature's delights.

> Book reviews including Lost Lanes – a guide to cycling around the south-east.


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