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Who am I… and what can I offer you?


Good day. My name's James Witts, currently of Bristol, formerly of Exeter, one-time student of that bastion of education Worcester University and now full-time man of words.


I've been treading the freelance writing path since May 2013 when I moved on from editing the UK's biggest and best-selling multisport magazine, 220 Triathlon. I took up editorship in 2004 and transformed it from a loss-making publication into one of Immediate Media's most profitable titles. In that time, our ABC grew from around 5,000 to 25,000, I launched and hosted the 220 Triathlon awards, and steered the title into the brave new digital world we inhabit today.


Before 220 I studied the unique degree of English Literature and Sports Science, gaining an upper second and cementing my desire to forge a career in sports journalism.


The past year has been very successful with many consumer publications either commissioning me or accepting my feature pitches. I'd like to think this is down to my ability to go that extra mile when it comes to unearthing the latest research, sourcing experts who'll pique the reader's interest and an ability to match the tone of the respective publication.


If you'd like to contact me regarding editing, writing or copywriting, please drop me an email at


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